Fairytale Land Dalat

Fairytale Land Dalat:

Fairytale Land DaLat is a lovely land of a fantastic world of dwarfs that desire to dwell apart from the loud world outside. The beautiful world of mystery is made by devoted citizens and pleasure. Wait to uncover a tale or a dream world. Fairytale Land DaLat hopes you will be among the first to visit Dalat's top Fairytale Realm, a land of love and mythology.

Dalat Fairytale Land is a lovely fairy garden. You appear to be unable to comprehend why there is such a gap between actual life and fantasy. A kingdom based on stories of Hobbiton Dwarfs. Visitors to Dalat Fairytale Land will undoubtedly feel as if they are lost in this fantasy. The elves' abode, is concealed in a natural environment, is and flighty lyrical. There are places that remind tourists of an ancient fairy tale. What's even more astounding is that tourists had just returned from the elves' settlement. And enter the wine cellar. More than 15 thousand bottles of wine Vinh Tien kinds are maintained and stored. Dalat Dwarf Kingdom Fairytale Land is the full name.

Fairytale Land Dalat

  • The History of Fairytale Land Dalat:

Fairytale Land was created by the founder of Vinh Tien Wine and Herbal Tea Company with the goal of sharing Da Lat delicacies with tourists. DaLat Fairytale Land - Fairytale Village is an extremely attractive land that will bring you a sense of novelty, excitement, and satisfaction when checking in to travel and explore; is the best choice for flower lovers with gardens full of plants, flowers blooming all year round, and countless super romantic concepts.

Inspired by the Hobbit village in Matamata, Waikato (North of New Zealand) – the place where the legendary movie “Lord of the Rings” had been recorded. The owner of Dalat Fairytale Land decided to build his own Dwarf village in the flower land. This village was voted as one of the top 20 favorite tourist attractions in 2019.

A lovely settlement of the dwarf, nestled in a hill and surrounded by the Tung tree forest of Da Lat. This is Fairytale Land. The people of this beautiful and enigmatic town are always delighted to greet visitors, and each home in the village introduces them to numerous notable natural products of Dalat via stories.

The owner of the land has dedicated himself to this project. He spent months learning all the stories, all anecdotes of the Hobbiton to create one of the most special destinations in Dalat city. What is more amazing than discovering the biggest wine cellar in Dalat city after visiting the fairytale land? This wine cellar stores more than 15 thousand bottles of Vinh Tien wines.

Fairytale Land Dalat

How to find Fairytale Land Dalat?

It takes 10km from Lam Vien Square Dalat. If you start going from Dalat market. Then you should follow the 3/2 street of Da Lat city. Next, you will meet at a roundabout and go to Hoang Van Thu street in Dalat. You continue to run straight along the road along Cam Ly Waterfall to Van Thanh Flower Village.

Dalat Fairytale Land's address Dalat Fairytale Land is located at 81D Hoang Van Thu Street in Da Lat City. This is a brand-new resort that sparked a trend in the early days of 2019. The village is constructed on an unending supply of fairy world ideas. Miniatures and spaces are embellished with brilliant colors and striking fairy figures. In contemporary memory, the picture appears frequently in fairy tales.

The amount of money you have to pay to enter the place is 70.000 VND. Such a reasonable price to visit the dwarf kingdom. After buying the entrance ticket, you will receive a bottle of Artichoke tea. Besides, you will discover the whole place under the guidance of a professional tour guide. So if you want to visit this village, you can book an entrance ticket in advance on Facebook.

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