Hand Bridge DaNang Vietnam

The Hand Bridge (Original name is The Golden Bridge, in Vietnamese: Cầu Vàng) is a famous unique bridge in Vietnam. It has a length of 150 meters (490ft). The Hand Bridge is a pedestrian bridge in the Bà Nà Hills resort, near Da Nang, Vietnam. The bridge drops into the giant hands holding, constructed of fiberglass and wire mesh, designed to appear like stone hands that support the structure.

Hand Bridge DaNang Vietnam Information:

Many of the bridges along the Han River in Da Nang, Vietnam, are well-known as the "City of Bridges." Although it's new to Da Nang's bridge collection, the Golden Bridge has quickly become a must-see on any Vietnam travel.

Golden Bridge is located in Sun World Ba Na Hills' Thien Thai Garden.
Thirty-five kilometers south of Da Nang, the Ba Na Hills is a popular hill station and vacation destination. While most stations are situated on the ground, Nui Chua Mountain's Ba Na Hills Station is 1,489 meters above sea level.

How To Get To The Golden Bridge DaNang Vietnam:

It's a 40-minute drive from Da Nang's city center or an hour from Hoi An, and it's easy to get there. There are some modes of public transportation from the city of Da Nang to the foot of Ba Na Hill.

1. Motorcycles/ Motorbikes:

The roads are in excellent condition and quite tranquil, so you may take a motorbike from Da Nang or Hoi An to Sun World. While driving to Ba Na Hill, you won't get bored since you'll see a lot of beautiful scenery including a long beach, lush jungle, and local life.

To get about on a motorbike, you may rent one for a day from your hotel for approximately 120,000 VND (6 USD) to about 200,000 VND (9 USD).

2. Shuttle Bus:

To go to the Ba Na Hills, take the shuttle bus from Da Nang center to the Ba Na Hills foot. The last shuttle bus back to Da Nang leaves at 4:30 pm and drops you off at your hotel. This is a wonderful alternative for individuals who can't ride a motorcycle, but yet want to save money on transportation. If you want to go in both directions, the price ranges from 120,000 to 150,000 VND, while one-way tickets cost 120,000 VND.

You may either phone the bus office or ask your hotel to buy your tickets for you.

3. Local Taxi:

It costs between 350,000 VND and 500,000 VND to walk from the center of Da Nang to the Ba Na Hills. It is possible to go as a group to save money.

Vinasun taxi: 0236 368 6868

Mai Linh taxi: 0236 356 5656

Tien Sa taxi: 0236 379 7979

4. Private Transfer:

Car rental companies in Da Nang provide a wide range of services, including private transportation. That way you may tour the Golden Bridge without worrying about anything.

Hand Bridge DaNang Vietnam

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