Travel Tips In Phu Quoc Vietnam

Travel Tips In Phu Quoc Vietnam. The comprehensive guide to a romantic holiday with your spouse. Before visiting Phu Quoc Island, you should be aware of the weather, tourist attractions, and specialties. For more information, read the entire Phu Quoc travel guide in this post.

Travel Tips In Phu Quoc Vietnam:

Phu Quoc Island, an exquisite island in Kien Giang Province, is filled with tourists from all over the world who wish to spend their dream holidays with their loved ones. With the following fascinating Phu Quoc travel guide, you will undoubtedly want to pack your bags and head to this lovely island right immediately!

1. Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam:
The first and most important thing to do before heading to Phu Quoc is to learn about the island's geography and some of its unique features:

1.1. Where is Phu Quoc Island located?
Phu Quoc is the biggest island in Vietnam, located in the Gulf of Thailand. This island, together with the Tho Chu Archipelago and several smaller adjacent islands, forms an ideal tourism complex in Kien Giang Province.

1.2. Why should you go to Phu Quoc?
The pearl island has a range of lovely beaches that run from north to south. The distinctive beauty of Phu Quoc Island is highlighted by its 99 mountains, beautiful hills, and primeval forests with various flora and fauna.

If you travel to the north of the island, you will have the opportunity to visit various famous locations such as Rach Vem Fishing Village, Hon Mot Island, Long Beach, VinWonders Phu Quoc, Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc, and so on. Meanwhile, towards the south, the An Thoi Archipelago's 12 islands of varying sizes will be a perfect stopover for nature exploring activities.

Travel Tips In Phu Quoc Vietnam

2. How is the weather in Phu Quoc? When is the ideal time to visit Phu Quoc?

The weather in Phu Quoc is pleasant all year, with two distinct seasons: the dry season and the rainy season.

2.1 The dry season:

The dry season lasts from November to April. At such time, you may enjoy the bright sunshine and cold ocean while sometimes relaxing in the gentle rain. As a result, it is frequently regarded as the greatest time to experience the nicest moments on pearl island.

2.2. The rainy season:

May to October is the rainy season. September and October are the months with the most rainfall. If you opt to visit Phu Quoc Island during the rainy season, try visiting Long Beach in the north or Xep Beach in the south.

Travel Tips In Phu Quoc Vietnam

3. Your ways of transportation for your vacation to Phu Quoc:

To have the finest vacation ever, keep the following facts in mind about vehicle types:

3.1. Visiting Phu Quoc Island:

There are two major routes from different cities to Phu Quoc Island:

By plane: Flying is the most convenient and time-saving option because there are many major cities with direct flights to Phu Quoc. It takes around 20 minutes to drive from Phu Quoc airport to the core of Duong Dong Town.

By high-speed ferry: This mode of transportation is appropriate for individuals on a tight budget. However, because the high-speed boat has a set departure time, you should be on time.

Travel Tips In Phu Quoc Vietnam

3.2. Phu Quoc Transportation:

You have three alternatives for getting about Phu Quoc:

Renting a motorbike: Most sites in Phu Quoc are very far apart. As a result, renting a motorcycle will make getting from one point to another much easier. The cost of renting a motorcycle ranges from 120,000 VND/day to 150,000 VND/day, depending on the model.

Renting a car without a driver: Renting a car without a driver will make the journey to Phu Quoc more comfortable for families or groups of friends. The typical cost of this service is between 700,000 and 1,300,000 VND per day.

Taking a taxi: For Phu Quoc tourist groups of 2-3 persons, this is the most convenient alternative. The cost will be lower with this choice since it is distributed equally per capita. Taxis in Phu Quoc typically cost between 12,000 and 20,000 VND per kilometer.

Bringing your own car to Phu Quoc Island: If you wish to bring your own motorcycle to the island, you must make a reservation for its transportation. Depending on the model, it will cost between 150,000 and 180,000 VND.

Travel Tips In Phu Quoc Vietnam

5 best things to do in Phu Quoc:

The majority of activities to do in Phu Quoc focus on the stunning beaches. If you don't want a beach vacation or to conclude your journey here, you should bypass the island. If you enjoy this, you will be treated to some of Vietnam's most stunning beaches, as well as a variety of traditional beach activities.

1. Enjoy the Beach:

Enjoying the beach is the finest thing to do in Phu Quoc. This is also the major reason why most visitors come to the island. Not without reason, for here you will discover Vietnam's nicest beaches.

Most people consider Sao Beach to be the most beautiful beach in Phu Quoc. There are several locations where you may relax on a lounge chair under an umbrella and enjoy the peaceful ocean.

Long Beach is the most popular since it stretches along Duong Duong, the island's major city. There are several restaurants and motels directly on the beach here.

2. Island Hopping:

The third greatest thing to do in Phu Quoc is to visit the beaches once more. Many smaller islands with more gorgeous beaches may be visited by boat ride off the coast of the main island.

There are various arranged boat tours. With a speedboat, you can rapidly tour numerous islands. The larger boats are slower, but they offer a spot to drink, grill, and leap out.

The An Thoi island group, located at the southernmost tip of Phu Quoc, has the most picturesque islands. A fantastic location for snorkeling, swimming, and fishing.

3. Visit Phu Quoc Prison:

The coconut jail is another name for the Phu Quoc prison. It was constructed in 1949 during the French colonial era to house political dissidents. Later, during the Vietnam War, it was utilized by South Vietnam to imprison and occasionally torture North Vietnamese soldiers.

Today, the jail is a museum where visitors may witness how the convicts lived during the period.

4. Visit Fishing Village:

Visit the fishing communities along the coast to get a sense of Vietnamese culture. See how boats are fixed on land, the buildings where fishermen reside, and the basket boats that are left on the beach to paddle to fishing vessels off the coast. It's a genuine experience and a refreshing contrast from the idyllic beach life. The fishing villages of Ham Ninh and Ganh Dau are also well worth a visit.

5. Visit Local Plantations And Fish Sauce Factories:

Aside from its stunning beaches, Phu Quoc is also known for its pepper and famed fish sauce, which is used in practically every cuisine. Pepper plantations and fish sauce manufacturers may be found all across the island. You may easily visit these to see how they function here. Of course, you may purchase mementos to take home with you.

Travel Tips In Phu Quoc Vietnam


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