Me Linh Coffee Plantation in Dalat

Me Linh Coffee Plantation in Dalat:

Me Linh Coffee Plantation Dalat is one of Dalat's most well-known establishments. A peaceful and soothing environment. Along with the Moka café gardens with hundreds of flowers that spread across the slope of the city. When you visit this café, you will be able to taste the coffee flavor of Dalat mountain town. Furthermore, the lyrical, serene environment might help you rest and feel better psychologically.

Me Linh Coffee Plantation in Dalat

  • The History of Me Linh Coffee Plantation in Dalat:

The concept of creating a truly green coffee business includes caring for, harvesting, and choosing excellent coffee beans from the family's coffee garden before brewing and processing a cup of strong-filter coffee. Since then, the restaurant has served guests a great, smooth cup of Dalat coffee, which has been prepared since 2010.

Furthermore, it is situated in the "mountain facing the lake" situation - one side of the hills and mountains, the other side of the lyrical natural lake. So the brilliant concept of "creating a green coffee shop in the center of fresh nature" was created. As a result, Me Linh Coffee Garden, a big green coffee garden, will be created hugging the hill. Furthermore, the shop offers a view of the serene green Me Linh Irrigation Lake, which helps tourists, especially dreamers, fall in love merely by listening to it.

Me Linh Coffee Garden was constructed and formally opened on September 3, 2010, and has been in business for nearly twelve years. Every day, thousands of people come here to check in, drink coffee, and relax. Me Linh Coffee Garden began as a tiny wooden home café. The Rong home of the K'ho people in the Central Highlands inspired this dwelling. Below the shop is a coffee garden, and above it is a customer service room. From the railing, you can see the entire coffee garden as well as a wonderful length of chilly, clear lake.

In contrast to many "huge" coffee shops, Me Linh Coffee is distinguished by the use of coffee beans grown in the owner's backyard. With a massive coffee garden covering 9 hectares of luxuriant greenery. With an annual production of up to 40 tons, the garden grows up to three distinct varieties of coffee, including Moka, Arabica, and Robusta. Me Linh coffee garden has recently added an equally wonderful coffee to its menu. It's weasel coffee, the world-famous coffee from Indonesia's Java Island.

Me Linh Coffee Plantation in Dalat

How to find Me Linh Coffee Plantation Dalat?

It takes 20km from Lam Vien Square Dalat. If you start going from Dalat market. Then you should follow the 3/2 street of Da Lat city. Next, you will meet at a roundabout and go to Hoang Van Thu street in Dalat. You continue to run straight along the road along Cam Ly Waterfall to Van Thanh Flower Village.

When you get here, you just need to go a little further. You will meet a fork in the road and see a signpost in the direction of Ta Nung Pass in Da Lat. Visitors continue to run all the way to the end of the pass to reach Me Linh commune.

The starting point is from the city center. If you go to 3/2 street, you will see a roundabout and turn right to Hoang Van Thu street. Keep going straight until the Van Thanh Flower Village. You only need to run about 5 more km, you will reach Me Linh Plantation Dalat, provincial road 725 that you are looking for.

Me Linh Coffee Plantation in Dalat


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