Ocean Tuna In Phu Yen

Ocean Tuna In Phu Yen:

Ocean Tuna is the first seafood mentioned when people refer to Phu Yen seafood, they think of a delightful Phu Yen with many magnificent historical sites including Nhan Mountain, Da Dia Reef, Go Thi Thung tunnels, Vung Ro port, and so forth. An amazing Phu Yen with delectable cuisine inspired by the country's affection. The ocean tuna dish is perhaps one of the dishes that tourists remember the most after dining here.

  • The special of Ocean Tuna In Phu Yen:

The Central Coast region is extremely familiar with tuna, but in Phu Yen, it is recognized as a specialty due to the manner the residents eat it. Every year on the full moon of January, Phu Yen fishermen begin their tuna fishing voyage, and the peak season - the season of ocean tuna generally occurs around April - when the fisherman's boats come ashore and bring back the fish. This delectable dish is unique in Phu Yen.

Ocean Tuna In Phu Yen

How to Eat Fresh Tuna in Phu Yen: Phu Yen is well-known for its fresh tuna with mustard. Tuna will be cleaned, cut, and kept refrigerated after being brought ashore to preserve its freshness. When you see a brilliant red chunk of fish that becomes pink or white, that signifies it's edible.

When eaten with raw vegetables such as broccoli, cilantro, mint, basil, basil, basil... and, most crucially, the accompanying dipping sauce, each piece of thin white fish fillet becomes more appealing than before. To make the dipping sauce, combine mustard, soy sauce, a little hot chile, and a little lemon juice to produce a rich flavor that is salty, sweet, sour, and spicy. The bitter, powerful taste of raw veggies combines with the salty and sweet taste of fish to produce a unique ocean flavor, which appears to slowly seep into the esophagus.

Tuna specialty can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, according to the individual's tastes. To acquire the most delicious and authentic Phu Yen flavor, dip a piece of fish into the sauce mixture. Some people appreciate it in a more intriguing way than dipping tuna in a little lemon, or a lot of mustard so that the pungent mustard taste spreads across the face, spicy to tears... A platter of tuna is frequently ordered with fine wine to offset the coldness of each fish fiber with the warm heat of the local wine.

Ocean Tuna In Phu Yen

  • Ocean Tuna Eyes and Eggs in Phu Yen:

While ocean tuna flesh is a Phu Yen province specialty that can be exported to many other areas and countries, ocean tuna eyes and roe are regarded as uncommon foods that are solely accessible in Phu Yen. The simple reason is that eggs and tuna eyes are constantly popular and are always sold out in the province's restaurants.

Following Xuan Dieu street in Tuy Hoa city, we can observe several restaurants and cafés offering tuna fish. When the tuna fishing season arrives, it is also the greatest time for visitors and residents to enjoy the famed fresh ocean tuna.

To retain the excellent taste of the fish, the tuna eye dish is cooked simply by water distillation. After being returned, the fish eyeballs are properly cleansed, seasoned with seasonings, then distilled in water. One special serving serves 6 to 8 people. Meanwhile, ocean tuna roe dipping sauce is regarded as a rare specialty since it is nearly exclusively enjoyed by fishermen's families due to the small and difficult-to-find amount.

Ocean Tuna In Phu Yen


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