Robinson Beach Nha Trang

Robinson Beach Nha Trang is not only renowned for its clean landscape, crystal blue ocean, and fresh sea air, but it is also the location where you can see the first dawn and the final sunset on Nha Trang Bay. As a result, despite its newness, Robinson Beach in Nha Trang keeps drawing a large number of tourists daily.

Robinson Beach Nha Trang Directions & Information:

Robinson Beach Nha Trang is a small beach in the Bich Dam strait, Hon Tre island, about 12 kilometers from  Vinh Truong Port and 25 minutes by speedboat, or 1 hour by wooden boat.

A floating bar party on the beach is one of the most interesting experiences available exclusively at Robinson Nha Trang beach. This is a planned activity that will take place in conjunction with the award presentation for the kayaking competition winners. During the party, dancers on the boat will perform thrilling choreography while urging attendees to drink to create a dynamic atmosphere.

Kayaking is an interesting experience while visiting the beach, especially when the beach of Robinson Nha Trang island is surrounded by several mountains and tiny islands, offering excellent circumstances for guests to paddle by themselves and discover.

Robinson Beach Nha Trang

With the opportunity of being the first spot to see the dawn and the last place to see the sunset in Nha Trang, Robinson Island has drawn a large number of visitors who want to experience the sense of appreciating the beautiful red sunset on the horizon, glittering inlaid with gold on the water. At the moment, Robinson Beach is like a gorgeous painting that you won't find anywhere else, producing a very distinct characteristic for this pristine island.

This location has a lot of qualities that make it worthwhile for many tourists to visit:

- A spacious, airy, green, and lovely landscape
- A very tranquil area that is ideal for a holiday.
- Large space, simple event planning, outdoor team building
- Low cost

Opening Hours: Daily 10:00 – 22:00

Address: Robinson Beach, Vinh Nguyen Ward, Nha Trang city.

Robinson Beach Nha Trang

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