Tien Long Farm Nha Trang

Many of us have periods when we need a brief weekend trip away from the rush and bustle of life, to be out in nature, amid the eucalyptus trees, fresh air, wildlife, and stars. Only available in Tien Long Farmstay.

Tien Long Farm Nha Trang Information:

Spending time outdoors and with wildlife, if you're anything like me, is one of the cleanest ways to fill your cup and renew your spirit.

Nothing compares to a lovely weekend away with animals at a rustic farm stay in Tien Long Farmstay. Staying at farm housing with animals on-site may be a great way to have a truly remarkable and unique experience.

Tien Long Farm Nha Trang

Where is Tien Long Farm Nha Trang?

Located 35 kilometers away from Nha Trang city, Tien Long Farm is in the heart of a 1,5-hectare-valley in Khanh Vinh District. Tien Long means “Fairy Dragon” on the main road to Yang Bay waterfall. The animal farm here comes from the land of the stream, a camping place, animals farm with more than thousands of poultry, converges into a garden, then wriggles its way through the natural fruit tree.

Address: Khanh Phu ward, Khanh Vinh district. (nearby Yang Bay waterfall)

Tien Long Farm Nha Trang open from 09:00 - 17:00 with an entrance fee is 50.000 VND/ Person

Tien Long Farm Nha Trang

Things To Do In Tien Long Farm Nha Trang:

  • Relax while staring out at the gardens or animals grazing on the pasture, or get active with a trail walk, pond swim, collecting fireflies, salamandering, or stargazing.
  • Get away from the stress of the work week.
  • You may take a break, let your hair down, and breathe some fresh air.
  • Slow down and refresh in nature, which has been scientifically proven to improve our mental health by lowering stress and boosting healing.
  • Feel inspired to get outside and move, which is especially essential given how much time many of us spend sitting at desks throughout the workweek.
  • It is possible to get up close and personal with animals, which has been scientifically shown to decrease stress and boost mood.
  • Discover new places and some of the most beautiful country spots in Tien Long Farm Nha Trang. 

Tien Long Farm Nha Trang

Camping Activities In Tien Long Farm Nha Trang:

What better way to celebrate the great outdoors than to sleep under canvas, peeking at the stars before you zip yourself into your camping tent for the night. With the warm summer months stretching ahead, it’s time to dig out your tent and plan yourself a refreshing camping trip.

Camping and glamping holidays in Nha Trang are now extremely popular, so do your research and book the site you’d love to stay at in good time. Search in advance for a campsite that offers the kind of experience you’re looking for – a large site with lots of facilities will be great if you have a family but perhaps not the vibe if you’re visualizing a quiet, relaxing break. And do check the rules and small print before you book so there are no awkward surprises on arrival. Tien Long Farmstay Nha Trang is your top priority to stay.

Whether you have a camp oven or not, these budget-friendly family camping recipes will help spark your imagination (and the barbecue). From classic burgers and barbecue veggies to damper and frittata, cooking in the great outdoors is a great holiday solution that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Suggest dinner menu: Chicken roast, Ethnic Pork Grilled, Steamed organic vegetables.

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Tien Long Farm Nha Trang


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