Uncle Ho Cathedral In Phu Yen

Uncle Ho Cathedral In Phu Yen:

Uncle Ho Cathedral in Phu Yen attracts a large number of visitors from all over the world who come every day to celebrate and present incense in memory of the nation's ancient father. When visiting Phu Yen, do not miss the chance of the historical revolutionary time in Phu Yen.

  • The history of Uncle Ho Cathedral In Phu Yen:

Uncle Ho Cathedral of Phu Yen is located on the Van Hoa Plateau - "Dalat of Phu Yen Province" amidst the cool air, making it an appealing place for travel enthusiasts who love to discover Phu Yen to visit and recall the moment. Not only that, but Uncle Ho's cathedral in Phu Yen is a location to visit and offer incense in remembrance of Uncle Ho by the Party Committee and mass organizations, and it has been designated as a National Historic Site and a source of pride for the people of Phu Yen.

After Uncle Ho's death on September 9, 1969, shortly after the memorial ceremony arranged by the people and the provincial Party Committee here to memorialize the virtues of the nation's old father, construction on Uncle Ho Church in Phu Yen began. Uncle Ho's cathedral in Phu Yen was initially roofed with thatched roofs made of forest trees and cork walls, thus damage could not be prevented, therefore people came every year to rebuild the cathedral.

Uncle Ho's cathedral in Phu Yen was strengthened and strengthened in 2003, with an area of 1,500 m2 and an architectural style that emits majesty and majesty commensurate with the spirit of a temple.

Van Hoa Plateau In Phu Yen

  • Check-in at Uncle Ho Cathedral:

Uncle Ho Phu Yen's Cathedral, in addition to the memorial monument, is a cultural work that truly represents the spirit of the great national tradition of Phu Yen. The enormous site here also contains a gallery, a guest house, an amusement park, and a stele sculpting unique historical information. Around Uncle Ho's cathedral in Phu Yen lies a massive 2-hectare plot of land covered with over 1,500 different types of fruit trees, including breast milk, pomelo, jackfruit, and shade trees. You may observe the amazing natural beauty of the valley or the towering, tall trees that have existed for many years just outside the chapel of Uncle Ho cathedral in Phu Yen.

On August 22, 2008, the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism designated Uncle Ho's church as a national historical relic site, along with 12 other places that were originally the provincial Party Committee's resistance stronghold. The administration, army, and people of Phu Yen. That 3 Son relic is located in Tuy Hoa on the Van Hoa plateau, the region of western Phu Yen, at an elevation of over 400m above sea level. This area offers rugged topography, large green forests, numerous caverns, rivers, streams, waterfalls, and stunning lakes.

Uncle Ho Cathedral In Phu Yen

The resistance fight against the US to preserve the army and people of Phu Yen is based on a complex of relics, the core of which is Uncle Ho's cathedral. 5,000 m2 in size, near the interprovincial traffic road DT 643. Uncle Ho's church was created in the manner of old Vietnamese temple architecture, majesty, and contemplation against a lush backdrop of trees, grass, and mountains. 40 years ago, Phu Yen's army and people staged a memorial service to send Uncle Ho to eternity, and the only remnants are two little chestnut trees, and luxuriant shading, allowing many people to visit Uncle Ho.

Uncle Ho Cathedral, where the western land of Phu Yen, the resistance base of Phu Yen's army and people, is now the source's red address for social, political, and mass organizations, and the masses Pilgrims visit and offer incense to commemorate 400 years of Phu Yen land and the 2011 National Tourism Year, and this place will undoubtedly continue to welcome many visitors from all over the world to offer incense, memorials, and learn about history, as well as participate in festivals and many other meaningful activities of the land that once had a rich cultural and historical depth.

Uncle Ho Cathedral In Phu Yen


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