Glamping Little Village Nha Trang

Glamping Small Village Nha Trang. Nho Village - Lang Nho Lake is Vietnam's first natural picnic resort to use the Glamping and Pop-Up Resort format. Natural Life operates a range of natural tourist facilities.

Glamping Little Village Nha Trang:

The focal point is Lang Nhot Lake, which has two hot and cold streams that originate in the Hon Ba Nature Reserve. Visitors may have fantastic, fascinating natural experiences with rustic activities that have been elevated to the professional level. Notably, we may add "Vietnamese Folk Bathing" activities such as forest bath

Other eco-exploration activities available to visitors include trekking through the forest, wading through streams, hiking paths, visiting Lang Nho Little Village, cycling, flying kites, gathering agricultural goods, and more. In particular, there is a campus that organizes collective activities such as team building, summer camps, professional activities, and agricultural activities that connect tourists with farmers, allowing them to experience rural life alongside the forest owner, stream bathing, and waterfall bathing, which allow you to relax and renew yourself in the arms of Mother Nature.

Glamping Little Village Nha Trang

If you ignore it, you will miss half of your summer! If you're visiting Little Village for enjoyment, you must see the stream bathing, woodland bathing, and forest bathing portions. Nature bestowed the Village with the stream "Sa Khoang Gold," a mineral that has gathered in nature for many years and is rich in nutrients.

You may wander along the forest's edge, pass through the slate stone system, wade in the cold stream, listen to the sounds of the mountains and woods, and relax by the clear, tranquil water.

You may freely enjoy the cold water and natural massage. Currently, the "Forest Owner" has transported the upstream spring water to the "9-Floor Waterfall" adjacent to the center residence, which is quite useful.

The 9-Floor waterfall will be offered to consumers on April 30, 2023. This project took about two years to complete and used more than 400 tons of granite, demonstrating the attention and passion of the individual who created the Village.

The waterfall has three filter layers to provide clear and clean water, two sedimentation levels to remove contaminants and assure the greatest water quality, and four layers of mineral soaking from various high and low angles to provide distinct sensations.

The waterfall features three filter layers that give clear and clean water, two sedimentation levels that remove impurities and ensure the highest water quality, and four layers of mineral soaking from varied high and low angles that create different experiences.

Glamping Little Village Nha Trang

  • The Nature Life of The Little Village Nha Trang:

The Little Village eco-tourism area, located just next to the lake, is the primary glamping destination. This is a new tourist area that is still being developed, so it's a bit hectic and service is limited, but I feel they made a solid investment in design and are close to nature. All sleeping spaces are tents and camps, with each central building made of wood, semicircular in shape, roofs planted with green grass, and concealed in a forest of trees, which looks fairly pleasant.

The route to the stream is made by a long wooden bridge; the trees are also in good shape, and there is some cool, lush greenery. It's amazing to weave around each block of rocks and trees while listening to the river flow.

In addition, when visiting Little Town, you may participate in activities like (seasonal) fruit harvesting, canoeing on Lang Nhot Lake, or watching a peaceful sunset in the town center. According to many tourists, Lang Nhot Lake offers nothing but a genuine view and a wonderful and romantic setting that will have you observing for hours.

Glamping Little Village Nha Trang

Farm House:

Launching the first wooden house in the Little Village, ideal for travelers seeking leisure. The space is placed in a separate location and was created with wood to create a pleasant atmosphere.

Glamping Little Village Nha Trang

Bird House:

The wing-shaped building overlooks the lake and is located on a lovely, tranquil campus. Equipped with a comprehensive range of basic conveniences, including two double rooms and one single room.

Glamping Little Village Nha Trang

Yoga House:

The lake view is stunning in such a wide, naturally ventilated place. There is sufficient electricity to operate lights, fans, and charge electronics. If you're traveling in a group, go for it! * The dormitory area has a maximum capacity of 20 guests and accepts parties of eight or more.

Glamping Little Village Nha Trang

Tents along the slope:

Located on a hillside with wonderful views of the campfire area and stage, approximately 30 meters from the lake coast. Possessing a location close to nature and near a convenient dining establishment.

Tents near the lake with incredibly cool views

The particular tent location is placed along the lake's shore and provides a panoramic view of Lang Not Lake, creating a magical experience. Here, you may completely appreciate the morning sunrise while drinking a cup of calming tea.

Glamping Little Village Nha Trang

Comfortable private tent area:

This is the largest tent area among the tent varieties, with its area completely supplied with amenities such as lazy chairs for lying down and enjoying the scenery in front of the tent. View near the lake, especially with separate toilets and bathrooms for each apartment.

Glamping Little Village Nha Trang

Bungalow Hut:

The bungalow area is only around ten meters from the lakeshore. It is a bamboo-walled cottage with drapes that can be raised and lowered, making it exceedingly airy. Ideal for families (near the center)

Glamping Little Village Nha Trang


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