Nha Trang Tong Lam Lo Son Pagoda

Situated outside the city of nha trang, Tong Lam Lo Son Tinh Do Temple offers ample space and a tranquil and pure setting, making it the perfect base to unwind on a weekend vacation. After 10 years of construction, a 44-meter high Buddha statue, one of the largest in Vietnam, was completed in Pagoda, an architecture by Tong Lam Lo Son, Nhu Xuan, Vinh Phuong, and Nha Trang City. The name of the whole Pagoda is Tong Lam Lo Son Tinh Do. This is not just an ordinary pagoda in Nha Trang City. It is also a tourist attraction.

Nha Trang Tong Lam Lo Son Pagoda History & Architecture:

If you drive from 23/10 on National Highway 1A to the junction of the city, proceed north about 3 kilometers to the peak of Da Lo. When you reach the intersection of the yarn factory, turn left in the direction of National Highway 1A and continue for 4 or 5 km to reach the temple. You are free to travel via Central Kindergarten College 2.

The Venerable Thich Chanh Ky was established in 1957 in Khanh Hoa Province, near the Pagoda of Tong Lam Lo Son, on the Da Lo Mountains. In the ups and downs of history, the Venerable Thich Trung Thi was recreated in 2002. After ten years and around 20 billion VND, the refurbishment was completed. The 44 m high non-rising concrete Amitabha Buddha Statue is a noteworthy architectural element. The pagoda was restored in 2002 and established in 1954, according to Most Venerable Thich Trung Thi, on more than 5 hectares. In 2009 the statue was not made of concrete despite a budget of over 6 billion VND.

The view was pretty obvious from the front door, which was merely a high plate of iron. The elegant Bodhisattva Quan Am statue can be seen at the Lam Ty Ni Garden in the Temple Portal. A conventional large main hall is next to the restaurant for the monks who study here. In particular, Amitabha's temple, which is Vietnam's tall shrine, cannot be neglected. The monument is 37 meters high and has 37 morals. On the lotus, the platform stands the statue. Underneath is the fish tank.

White Buddha Tong Lam Lo Son is a tourist attraction, not just a Buddhist pilgrimage place. Together with major religious buildings such as the Long Son Pagoda and the Mountain Church, the Tong Lam Lo Son Pagoda has become the most prominent venue for Buddhists and tourists in Viet Nam. More than 500 nuns from across the country and 10,000 Buddhists are said to have attended the temple's opening event. Tong Lam Lo Son will bring you the calm of nature and the quietness of your soul.


Nha Trang Tong Lam Lo Son Pagoda

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