Prenn Waterfall In Dalat

Prenn Waterfall In Dalat:

Prenn Waterfall has become a popular tourist destination for those who want to see Da Lat in its most natural form, owing to its real charm and beauty. The waterfall itself appears to be a lovely curtain that runs indefinitely from year to year. Tourists visiting Prenn are not only exposed to one of Da Lat's most stunning waterfalls but also have the opportunity to immerse themselves in nature while traveling the region. One interesting feature is that Prenn provides tourists with a unique perspective from behind "the curtain." Because it is an overhanging waterfall, you may hide behind the liquid curtain for a moment of tranquility and a unique perspective of the waterfall itself.

Prenn Waterfall In Dalat

  • The Legend of Prenn Waterfall In Dalat:

Prenn Waterfall is nine meters in height and twenty meters in width. Following the streamflow, you will see the huge waterfall from ten meters cliff splashing into an artificial lake at the foot of Prenn Pass. It is situated in the suburban area of Dalat City, about 10 kilometers from Dalat city center. The waterfall’s address is at Lien Khuong – Prenn Expressway, Ward 3, Da Lat City, Lam Dong, Vietnam. Besides Prenn Waterfall Dalat, there are different famous places for you to discover such as the Valley of Love Dalat or Datanla Waterfall. If you do not want to miss all the amazing spots, let’s book our Dalat City Tour Full Day to enjoy the true trip ever!

Prenn Waterfall originates from the Prenn stream in the area of Hung Vuong Street, Dalat City. It crossed the Pass and met the granite’s fracture part, which created the Prenn Waterfall today. People often compare Prenn Waterfall to heaven because it looks like the beautiful silk of a fairy. That is the reason why the Prenn Waterfall also has another name called “Tien Sa waterfall”. According to the story of K’ho’s village patriarchies, at first, the waterfall’s name was “ Liang Trading”.

After that, locals changed its name to Prenn. Prenn means “ a bitter tomato”. This kind of tomato can be easily found around the upstream waterfall. Furthermore, bitter tomatoes are extraordinarily close to locals, and often use them for daily meals. Besides, “Prenn” also contains another meaning: “expansion”, which came from the long conflicts in the XVII century between local ethnics such as Lat, Chil, Srê, and the Cham Kingdom. In 1998, Prenn Waterfall Dalat Vietnam was recognized as a National Scenic Monument. Plus, its name appeared in the top five beautiful waterfalls of Vietnam.

Prenn Waterfall In Dalat

  • What to explore in Prenn Waterfall Dalat?

Prenn Waterfall Dalat is an eco-tourism destination providing tourists with several interesting games. Also, tourists can have an opportunity to explore nature and the life of people here. That helps visitors get to know more about cultural aspects and customs.

Paddle boats at Prenn Waterfall Paddle Boats at Prenn Waterfall is an exciting game for you to participate in. The ticket to rent a boat is 35000 Vietnam dong. You can paddle your boat to go around the stream and go sightseeing at the waterfall’s beauty. This is truly a worthy activity to try when traveling to Prenn Waterfall.

  • Cable car trip at Prenn Waterfalls:

The cable car trip is one of the most popular activities in Prenn Waterfall Dalat Vietnam. This is a system of cable cars designed only for tourists to enjoy the whole scene over the falls. With just 15000 Vietnam dong, you can experience an amazing thing here.

  • Jeep Car At Prenn Waterfall:

If you used to visit Langbiang Mountain Dalat, there is nothing strange when mentioning jeep cars. This is for the one who would like to experience strong and adventurous feelings, jeep cars are for you. Instead of walking and being out of energy, you can select a jeep car to help you discover Prenn Waterfall Dalat.

  • Hung King Temple at Prenn Waterfall:

Moreover, there is the Hung King Temple at the top of the hill behind Prenn Waterfall. Da Lat Tourist Service Joint Stock Company built, invented, and constructed it. It includes three small shrines with unique beauty and a full of holy atmosphere covered all around the temple. The people come here to show their respect to Hung King and pray for a peaceful country and a happy life.

  • Prenn Waterfall zoo at Prenn Waterfall:

If you are an animal lover, you totally cannot ignore Prenn Waterfall zoo. We strongly believe that you will keep your eyes on wild animals here. Especially, two big tigers are nurtured in the zoo.

Prenn Waterfall In Dalat


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