The Dragon Bridge Danang Vietnam

The Dragon Bridge Danang Vietnam is the emblem of Da Nang City's burgeoning development. On the stunning Han River in Da Nang is where you'll find the well-known Vietnam Dragon Bridge. Along with its stunning architecture, this bridge is widely known for its thrilling water and fire shows.

The Dragon Bridge Danang Vietnam Information:

Address: Nguyen Van Linh Street & Vo Van Kiet Street, Son Tra District, Da Nang City

The Dragon Bridge Danang Vietnam, which is in the center of Da Nang, the largest city in Central Vietnam, lights brightly at night. Finding a good place to watch the amazing water and fire performances is simple with a little forethought. The Bridge of Dragon is a must-visit location since it provides the quickest route from Da Nang International Airport to the city center, crossing the lovely Han River.

Material: Steel

Total length: 666 meters (2,185 ft)

Width: 37.5 meters (123 ft)

Longest span: 200 meters (660 ft)

Clearance below: 7 meters (23 ft)

The Dragon Bridge Danang Vietnam Directions:

Located in the thriving Vietnamese city of Da Nang, Dragon Bridge is in a stunning location. This historic bridge beautifully spans the massive Han River, which is also known as the Han River Bridge. It joins the eastern and western banks of the river and provides a crucial connection between two busy streets: Nguyen Van Linh Street and Bach Dang Street. Travelers looking to enjoy Da Nang's cultural and natural beauties may easily reach it thanks to its convenient location in the city center, which puts it close to several tourist destinations. Visitors can go to the picturesque Son Tra Peninsula, famed for its immaculate beaches and verdant scenery, as well as the stupendous Linh Ung Pagoda, from Dragon Bridge Da Nang.

The Dragon Bridge Danang Vietnam History:

A challenging and magnificent effort, the construction of the Dragon Bridge in Da Nang, Vietnam, started in July 2009 and was completed in March 2013. On October 26, 2012, the bridge's main span—a crucial project milestone—was finished, demonstrating the amazing engineering skill that went into creating such a stunning structure. The bridge's opening to traffic was carefully planned for March 29, 2013, to coincide with the 38th anniversary of the city's capture by North Vietnamese forces during the Second Indochina War. The bridge symbolizes the liberation of Da Nang. This historic event not only recognized the success of an incredible infrastructure project but also Da Nang's tenacity and historical significance.

The largest steel bridge in the form of a dragon is located in Da Nang, Vietnam. It comprises 6 lanes and 666 meters of undulating steel in the shape of a Ly-Dynasty dragon motif, the Vietnamese culture's representation of prosperity, and its installation cost $85 million. Each week, this stunning one-of-a-kind metal dragon "breathes" both fire and water. The dragon's torso and its spectacular fire-breathing head are wonderfully displayed thanks to the lighting technology's thoughtful integration and more than 2,500 LED lights.

The Dragon Bridge Danang Vietnam

The Dragon Bridge Danang Vietnam FIRE & WATER Time Schedule:

Han River Dragon Bridge is a special emblem and a declaration of Da Nang's modern growth as a gateway for visitors from outside the city. Additionally, the Bridge of Dragons's fire and water show is what draws most visitors. The COVID-19 pandemic caused the show's operation to be delayed for a while, but it has been running again since the beginning of 2022, signaling the revival of Da Nang and its tourism industry.

The Dragon Bridge fire show would start at nine o'clock on every Saturday, and Sunday, and big festivals like Vietnamese Tet. You should make a reservation at a neighboring restaurant for a better seat and experience because there will likely be a sizable crowd eagerly for the show to begin as early as 8 p.m.

The first time Dragon Bridge was presented The Da Nang Fire Show offers a mesmerizing 2-minute fire-breathing spectacular that is performed in two halves and features an amazing nine times. The performance of water spraying immediately follows, lasting an amazing three minutes and consisting of three separate sequences, each of which includes a single incidence of water spraying. The mesmerizing combination of radiant lights, timed with the breathtaking fire and water erupting from the dragon's mouth, is sure to captivate viewers, making it a truly impressive attraction that serves as an extraordinary focal point within the alluring city of Danang.

The Dragon Bridge Danang Vietnam

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