Tranh Beach Nha Trang

List of beautiful beaches in Nha Trang, almost everyone remembers many beaches stretching along central south of Vietnam, and Bai Tranh is also one of such beautiful beaches. Not only for swimming to satisfy the cool sea, but you can experience the feeling of extreme enjoyment with the famous entertainment activities here such as parasailing, scuba diving, sea walking, and snorkeling.

Tranh Beach Nha Trang Directions & Information:

Bai Tranh is located in Nha Trang Bay, on the picturesque Hon Mieu Island, and has a beautiful beach with clean water on one side, and a beach in the center of the frame on the other. There are clouds, sky, and mountains surrounding it, giving it a wild, lyrical look.

Enjoy swimming or wandering on a sandy beach while taking in some sun and relaxing to a gentle breeze blowing through mountains in the crystal-clear water. After walking through coconut groves or on stones and sand, you will get rid of stress and forget your busy life.

Also, Bai Tranh is known for its tourist spot, which offers a variety of activities such as parasailing from which you can enjoy the sea, mountain, and forest landscape. A glass-bottom boat ride over coral reefs, or scuba diving to see corals, or sea walking underwater to explore the underworld of coral reef and fishies will give you the rush of a racing car and the thrill of floating on the surface of the water. Along with attentive and focused service to customers, the beach's expert team provides customers with comfort and ease.

You can rent a speedboat to Tranh Beach Nha Trang separately or join a group tour of the 3 islands tour with a package price organized by local travel companies including a hotel pick up, lunch, and all entrance fees at a reasonable price.

Tranh Beach Nha Trang entrance fee: 60.000 VND/ adult and 30.000 VND/child.

Tranh Beach Nha Trang

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