Nha Trang jellyfish noodles - is a traditional sea cuisine that is enjoyed not only by locals but also by many visitors that visit the area. Jellyfish is a delicious, nutritious, cold dish with great cooling capabilities, especially when the weather begins to heat up.

The jellyfish used to make jellyfish noodles is white, walled, and the size of a big toe or a thumb. It is similar to coconut rice. The broth is made with a little list of fish, approximately three fingers long, with a tail tied like a small bow, boneless, small, and sweet.

There are also fish cakes, such as tuna, barracuda, and others, that are boned to get the meat liquefied and chewy, then washed into little pieces and baked. When dining, just vermicelli and veggies are utilized, along with washed jellyfish and a few fish balls. The heated broth contains delectable vermicelli components that are crispy in small pieces.

Simple jellyfish noodles are well-liked by both locals and visitors to Nha Trang. The dish is notable for its ease of preparation and flavor preservation. As a result, fish dishes, whether steamed, grilled, or marinated in salt or salt, are popular at sea. Take a look at a noodle bowl. To really taste the peculiar flavor, you should try to eat it once.

Nha Trang Jellyfish Noodles Selected List:

Nha Trang Jellyfish Noodles

When you're hungry on a cool afternoon, a warm bowl of fish noodle soup with a topping of crispy meat and little chunks of fragrant grilled fishcakes is guaranteed to satisfy. It tastes even better with raw vegetables of many kinds, such as lettuce, bean sprouts, and herbs... A dash of red chili will enhance the flavor of the dish. You will open all hidden senses utilizing the soup while enjoying, the jellyfish is crunchy, chilly, and the chili is spicy.

The Noodles of Jellyfish are not merely a popular street food, but they are now the Nha Trang signature plates, to be tried by anybody visiting the city. Below are the top absolutely delicious Nha Trang jellyfish noodle stores with costs from 20.000 VND/ bowl to 30.000 VND/ bowl; have a wonderful time!

  • "Bun Ca Sua" at 24 Ba Trieu street
  • "Bun Ca Sua" at 123 Yersin street
  • "Bun Ca Sua" at 105 Hoang Hoa Tham street
  • "Bun Ca Sua" at 3 Tang Bat Ho street
  • "Bun Ca Sua" at 24 Nguyen Cong Tru street
  • "Bun Ca Sua" at 64 Nguyen Thai Hoc street

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